Reasons Behind SCOLIOSIS





                        Is a term used to describe the curving of the spine it came from the Greek word skoliosis which literally means “crookedness,” and from the root word skolios which means “bent or crooked.”. It is usually in the upper part (thoracic) or in the lower part of the back (lumbar) bone or spine. Curves are like an “S” or a “C”.


In most cases this exists usually with girls. Scoliosis can also be hereditary. A child who has a relative with scoliosis are likely to have it develop as it grows too. Most of the causes are not known this is called– Idiopathic scoliosis; a term used for an unknown cause. However there are also some possible reasons behind the curving of such spine.


Here are some of the possible reasons of a scoliosis occurrence at your spine:

  • Birth process. – You may be taken out from your mother’s womb incorrectly of there had been complication which accidentally affected your spine.
  •  Injury. – There might be happenings in your life which were accidents that made you twist some bones and be in certain positions like your stucked hard between two objects.
  • A fall from a higher ground. – You may have fallen while climbing trees, cleaning your roofs, climbing a mountain, riding a bicycle , sleeping in a double deck bed or just a normal bed, riding a horse or animals which can carry a human being at their backs, walking through the stairs or escalator, and etc. wherein you fell.
  • Certain childhood activities which affects the spine while the bones are still growing. – As a young active lad, you may have done some activities specifically outdoor activities which basically affected your backbone. Technically some of this activities are :
    • Pushing oneself through limits to flex and curve such body into a bridge shape.
    • Carrying oneself using two hands while the body is upside down.
  • Stress Lying/ Lazy Sitting  -Sitting in a chair in a lazy position or  Lying in a long chair made of wood such as bamboo and etc. that elevates half of your body without a comfortable pillow that supports the backbone.


is NOT a DISEASE but



These possible reasons were based from my own consultations, observations, experience and research. I myself have this abnormality in my spine and I knew some people who has too. In fact, about 3 people out of 100 are diagnosed with scoliosis. They don’t know the reason behind because they discovered they have one too, later after a few months of backaches. If you feel mild back pains, don’t hesitate to have it checked or examined by the doctor. You will find it out after getting the result of your X-Ray.

————- If you already have scoliosis, Avoid wearing high heels. ————–


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