JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS: A serious type of illness.

Millions of people die every second, minute, day and even every year due to different diseases they suffer. People say that prevention is better than cure, in order to keep ourselves from this diseases we should have enough knowledge about such types of illness.


Japanese Encephalitis is a viral infection from mosquitoes specifically what they call “Culex Mosquito“. JE is from flavivirus type of virus, where it  is carried by a mosquito and the symptoms usually develop 5-15 days after bitten and it includes; fever, headache, vomiting, confusion and difficulty in moving, swelling of the brain, coma and sometimes leads to death.This kind of virus is not communicable or cannot be transmitted from one person to another. JE does not usually happen around cities and towns thus, the people living in rural areas have the highest risk in getting the virus. It is more likely to affect or infect children  because when a person gets older its endemic generally become

This virus can infect not only humans but also animals that includes horses and pigs. When a horse gets infected it leads to encephalitis which means inflammation of the brain and can cause death while, when pigs gets inffected it leads to abortion.




The natural hosts of this disease are wilds birds and mosquitoes are what they called vectors. A Vector does not cause any disease but it is the one who passes it on to a such victim. When a mosquito infect an animal, the bitten animal became now the carrier of the virus and when the other mosquitoes feed on the newly infected animals they have now the virus inside of their bodies and be able to infect others whether a human or an animal. japanese-encephalitis-hits-odishas-malkangiri-district-kills-21-infants-indialivetoday

According to World Healths organization (WHO). Statistics shows that the estimated number of fatalities from JE are between  13,600 to 20,400 yearly.


As of now there is no specific treatment for the disease.  And here are some controls and prevention to avoid the said disease;

  • USE OF INSECT REPELLANT – practice using insect repellant when going outdoors hat contains (DEET, OR 3535, Picaridin or oil of lemon.
  • WEAR PROPER CLOTHING– to reduce mosquito bites, if necessary, we must wear long-sleeves, long pants and socks when going outside.
  • OBTAIN VACCINE IF RECOMMENDED– It is better to have a vaccination for JE especially people living in rural areas where JE usually happens.
  • REDUCE BREEDING PLACES– Clean the areas where mosquitoes usually breed and lay eggs.
  • Piggeries should be 4-5kms away from home. 

Japanese Encephalitis is a serious kind of illness, and if possible you are experiencing some of the symptoms written above, go directly to the nearest health hospitals, clinic, etc.




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