home remedies for dysmenhorrea among teen girls

Every month we the girls are suffering from the pain brought to us by the menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea because of our monthly period. 50 percent of women is experiencing this kind of pain every month so the doctors try to deal with it by either dismissing the pain as a psychological problem or prescribe a painkiller for it, for it to ease the pain. ( Paige, Bierma, M.A,2016) that is why sometimes when girls have their periods they tend to become irritated and moody because of the pain they felt and the sticky feeling they had. So because of this experience that me my self-felt, I had here some home remedies that can help teenage girls calm down their pain brought by menstrual cramps.
First remedy is having an exercise or any physical activity, this not only helps your body to be healthy but also eases the pain you feel when having cramps. When we’re doing the exercise our body pumps blood more, which could help release endorphins to counteract to prostaglandins and reduce cramps. Applying heat to your lower back or abdomen, applying heat helps contracting muscles of your uterus to relax. Use plastic bottle container, fills it with warm or hot water put it to your back or abdomen for a relief and better feeling.  Acupuncture help relief cramps, acupuncture involve sticking the skin with small needles to stimulate the body. (Sabrina bachai,2013) a licensed acupuncturist in san Francisco Jeannie Bianchi says that acupuncture helps relief cramps because it relaxes the nervous system and the acupuncture is said to have inflammatory effect. Improve your diet and be healthy, eat low-fat foods and vegetables for it not only benefit your whole body but also help to alleviate the pain every month. Aldo Palmieri an ob/gyn at UCLA health says that “reducing fat and increasing vegetables in your diet may help ease your monthly cramps; a low-fat diet actually decreases all levels of inflammation in the body.” (Kathlyn Doheny,2016) eat a lot of papaya before and during your period because papaya ha ‘papain’, it is an enzyme that helps regulate and ease the flow during menstruation. Lastly, Be kind to yourself, sometimes you also need to relax and stop stressing yourself because if you feel relax and rejuvenated your body and mind will help you fight the physical pain. (Pavita Sampath, 2016)
This are just some remedies to ease the pain we felt every month and to stop the suffering the pain of having a dysmenorrhea, we are still the one to control our body we are the one to blame if we still suffer the pain, it is our choice to stop the pain and live our life happily or just ignore what we felt and just keep it, no matter what we choose we are still the one to experience it and will face the consequences, because anyway life is a matter of choice.


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