Wriggling Pinworms Among Children

Pinworm is one of the most common types of human intestinal worm infection.They’re white in color with size from 2-13 mm or less than a half inch long. Adult pinworms are visible but their eggs are microscopic.


Although anyone may develop a case of pinworms; children who go from day-care to elementary are at risk in this infection. Parents should know it can affect not only their children’s health but also theirs. Anyone is susceptible in this infection including family members of infected children, children or adults who don’t wash their hands and those who always suck their thumbs.




This is a serious infection because it affects human intestines and rectal/anal areas. When someone hardly sleeps at night because of the itchiness in his bottom/anal area, it is because of the female pinworm depositing eggs and irritates the skin and sometimes cause some infected individuals to get bacterial infections.

Anyone can be infected by ingesting pinworm eggs either directly or indirectly. These eggs are deposited around the anus by the female worm but when a person scratches that area, the eggs transfer to fingers. It can be carried to hands, toys, bedding, clothing, and toilet seats. Children transfer eggs easily because they put toys or other objects directly into their mouths and can be easily transferred to food or liquids. It’s also possible for adults to inhale airborne eggs when shaking contaminated bedding, towels, or clothing.

When eggs enter the body, they remain in intestine until they hatch and mature. Then, female pinworms move into the colon and exit the body through the anus. They lay from 10,000-15,000 eggs when the host is asleep at night in the folds of skin around the anus where you often see adults at night in pajamas. Its eggs constantly cause anal itching and irritation. People who are infected can be re-infected as long as there is a female pinworm depositing eggs on the perianal skin. Everyone should be treated for an infection to avoid a recurrence. However, adult sexual partners can transfer the eggs to each other. Pinworms also may infect the vagina and urethra.

Pinworms didn’t come from animals because only humans are the natural host of this parasite. Pinworm can be acquired through person-to-person. Substantial pinworm populations can rob your children’s body of essential nutrients that causes their weight loss.Some infected can’t feel the symptoms of infection.


If your child suffers from restless sleep, rash and skin irritation because of scratching their anus and presence of pinworms in their stools, bring him to the doctor right away. Most pediatric doctors can treat children with pinworms. Doctors can treat this infection with oral medication or ointments that can soothe itching skin around the anus. Since pinworms can pass through person-to-person, everyone lives in the household of an infected person also needs treatment.

You can test if your child has pinworms in your house before bringing him to a doctor through a “tape test” where you take a piece of cellophane tape and press the adhesive side against the skin around the anus. Conducting a tape test should be done upon waking in the morning. Then bring the tape to the doctor to examine it.

Aside from medication, proper hygiene and household cleaning can help eliminate the pinworm eggs. The best way to prevent pinworm infections is to follow recommended good hygiene routines and encourage other household members, especially children, to do the same.






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